The Ponds - Central And Northern Parklands

The Ponds, NSW, Australia


UrbanGrowth NSW (Landcom)


Construction completion:



Landscape Consultant:

Clouston & Associates


The centre-piece of ‘The Ponds’ residential development is a landmark nature corridor covering more than 80 hectares and stretching along more than 2 km of Second Ponds Creek. The project incorporates a total of 11 rain gardens, all of which collect stormwater runoff from a total catchment area of 300 hectares. The largest of these rain gardens, covering approximately 3000m2, has a catchment area of 14 hectares and is capable of holding up to 2 mega litres of water. The rain gardens utilise plant biomass and multiple filtration layers to remove solids and nutrients for the water prior to release into the creek. The filtration layers include a compacted and detailed graded (peak & trough) clay sub-grade, a liner to control salination, an extensive subsoil drainage network, an aggregate layer, a transitional layer of recycled material, a specially blended organic filter layer which also acts as the growing medium and an erosion control layer. Additional to the water quality management functions, the corridor provides a diverse range of recreational facilities including playgrounds, timber viewing platforms, pathways, managed lawn areas, artworks and feature water bodies.