One Central Park

Chippendale, NSW, Australia


Frasers Property Australia and Sekisui House Australia


Landscape Consultants:



Construction completion:



Located on the former historic Carlton United Brewery site, One Central Park initially comprised of two residential towers, the East Tower at 33 floors and the West Tower at 17 floors, linked by a further 5 podium levels. Our scope consisted of two major elements; the soft landscape works associated with more than 500 exterior planter boxes surrounding the building and the fully automated irrigation system designed to keep the planter box plants and the 15 multistorey green walls alive. Each of the planter boxes consists of a proprietary free draining and filtering soil medium, a combination of several robust plant species and mulch matting. As access to these planter boxes is a major challenge, focus on the longevity and durability of the more than 1500 m3 of soil mix was paramount. Design Landscapes was heavily involved in the testing and development of this particular medium to ensure its success.