Marrickville Waterplay Park

Marrickville, NSW, Australia


Marrickville Council


Landscape Consultants:

Kiah infranet


Construction Completion:



Listed as New South Wales’ first water playground, Marrickville Water Play Park is located at the end of Steel Park, alongside the Cooks River and Illawarra Road. The scope of works involved the construction of three distinct water play zones designed specifically for toddlers and encouraging significant levels of interaction with the water and the varying topography. The three zones are; ‘The Source ’, representing water flowing down from a mountain, with water starting on a high mound and working its way down through a spiral channel built in granite setts and finishing in the Taruna. ‘The Rills’, representing water flowing down through a river with water initially emerging from a limestone boulder before making its way across rills made up of granite paving and seeded pebbles and finally ‘The Estuary’, which represents water flowing through a changing estuary environment. At the edge of ‘The Estuary’ there are a set of pop jets within a zero depth play area. All the waterfeatures incorporate water recycling with treatment systems in accordance with NSW health standards. The project won the 2012 NSW/ACT Excellence in Landscape Construction Award for Recreational Projects