Korean War Memorial

Moore Park, NSW, Australia


NSW Department of Commerce


Landscape Consultants:

POD Landscape Architecture


Construction completion:



Constructed in 2009, the Korean War Memorial remains significant at both a National and State level as a designated site of remeberence. Awarded a number of Excellence in Construction Awards in 2010, the memorial is a showcase of detailed symbolic features bounded by a commanding raked bluestone circular wall. Passing by 140kg handcut radioused bluestone capping stones, entry is via a serpantine (ying & yang) engraved slate path through a grove of 136 handmade Rose of Sharron flowers, one for each NSW soldier killed in the conflict. The pathway divides two large imported white granite blocks, symbolising the divide between north and south Korea, with precast concrete mountain ranges including cast-in naming scattered amoungst the flower stalks. A bonded white gravel pavement contrasts this stark backdrop, adding a light feel to the landscape. The Korean War Memorial Project is a source of great company pride, with all but the asphalt path being constructed using in house tradesmen. The project was awarded the 2011 NSW/ACT Excellence in Construction Award for commercial projects under $500 000.00 followed by a national award for excellence in 2011.