Kolombo Reserve

Oran Park, NSW, Australia


UrbanGrowth NSW (Landcom)


Construction completion:



Landscape Consultant:

JMD Design


Kolombo Reserve sits on the edge of Oran Park, the new residential suburb located within the historic Oran Park raceway site, and showcases a portfolio of environmental initiatives. The project’s primary function is to aid in the collection, retention and water quality management of the developments run-off, via a bio-retention zone, prior to being released into the lower lying Kolombo Creek. The project also provides the local residents with a significant open space zone designed primarily for passive recreational use. Our scope of work encompassed all hardscape and softscape construction including detailed grading and earthworks, drainage works, lighting, in-situ concrete pathways and stairs, integrally coloured concrete retaining walls with sandstone inserts, precast concrete elements, fabrication of timber and steel bridges and decks, street furniture and structures together with the supply and installation of a diverse selection of plant material. The project won the 2012 NSW/ACT Excellence in Landscape Construction Award for Sustainable Landscapes – Commercial Projects.