Jacaranda Park

Glenmore Park, NSW, Australia




Landscape Consultants:

JMD Design


Construction Completion:  



Jacaranda Park overlooks the broader Glenmore Ridge housing estate and resides atop the footprint of the original homestead. The sole reminders of this structure are coloured motifs painted on the insitu concrete border walls and stainless steel skate deterrents modelled off a piece of broken crockery uncovered during site investigation works. The park mainly consists of open hilly grassed playing areas, with scattered tree plantings and a central viewing platform atop the hill, featuring glazed tile clad retaining walls topped with precast concrete capping units and custom-made balustrading. A terraced western slope provides seating, continuing down to a playground space at the base of the site. The play space caters for children of all ages and includes timber balancing beams, coloured concrete stepping stones, swings, slides and climbing nets and a custom made shade structure. The space is accessed by a series of meandering concrete paths with in-situ rubber soft fall and pine bark covering.