Hong Kong Disneyland - Grizzly Gulch

Penny's Bay, Lantau Island, Hong Kong


Walt Disney Imagineering



Walt Disney Engineering


Construction completion:



As part of the latest Hong Kong Disneyland expansion Design Landscapes was engaged to undertake the themed hardscape and softscape works for the Grizzly Gulch land themed to replicate a Wild West mining town with a hand carved mountain enclosing a roller coaster ride. The concrete works were themed to resemble a compacted dirt road with horse and cart tracks, bear prints and pot holes. All of the expansion joints were installed at random angles and no straight lines so as to look like cracks in the dirt road. The concrete was integrally coloured, was hand seeded with a variety of aggregates to reflect various levels of water washed dirt, the edges were rolled curbs themed to look like dirt build up. The surface was stamped, retarded and stained. Internal finishes included stamped timber flooring and acid washed concrete. The soft landscape was installed to give an immediate effect with mature tree transplants together with significant numbers of shrubs and ground cover all planted within 1500 mm depth of imported soil mix.