Edmondson Park - Stage 1

Edmondson Park, NSW, Australia


Urban Growth NSW


Landscape Consultants:

Sturt Noble Associates


Construction completion:



Design Landscapes was responsible for the installation of three new public reserves, streetscape plantings and landscape works associated with the sales office that all reside within the former Ingleburn Military Camp. Together, they form part of the new Edmondson Park suburb that sits alongside the South West Rail Link. The parks incorporated indigenous plantings, large lawn areas, recycled brick paving and walls, insitu concrete paving and walls, shade structures, park furniture, playground areas with rubber softfall, custom artwork, including representations of military ribbons on 7m high timber poles and within the concrete walls, via the use of glazed tiles. The main park, Brigade Park, is a one hectare open space zone set around an existing strand of Cumberland Plain Woodland.