Chippendale Green (formerly Main Park)

Broadway, NSW, Australia


Frasers Property Australia and Sekisui House Australia


Landscape Consultants:

Turf Design


Construction completion:  



The project known as Chippendale Green (formerly Main Park) is the major open space component of the Central Park development by Frasers Property Australia and Sekisui House Australia, and occupies the site of the former and historic Carlton United Brewery. The park is characterised by an open expansive design with large geometric lawn areas either side of a central water-feature, providing a new pedestrian thoroughfare between the suburb of Chippendale and Broadway. Whilst the design appears to be deceptively simple in nature, there is a generous use of high value materials including Rockhampton sandstone in a large paved plaza, a granite clad water feature suspended over a heritage listed ovoid stormwater drain, steps, bleachers, monolithic feature blocks and custom made urban furniture. Adjacent to the Brewery Building is a decomposed granite plaza with a striking avenue of 800 litre Eucalyptus grandis and an irregular row of seven granite benches, each sawn and dressed from a single block and weighing 3,500 kilograms.