Bunya Estate

Doonside, NSW, Australia


UrbanGrowth (Landcom)


Landscape Consultants:

Clouston Associates


Construction completion:  



Bunya Estate, and the associated Heritage and View Parks were completed in 2010 as part of Landcom’s new residential development in the heart of Sydney’s Doonside. Covering over 30,000m2, these open space areas provide both passive and active recreational activities.Paying homage to the original location of the Bungarribee Homestead and market gardens, the park features a terraced kitchen garden area and an inlayed sandstone and concrete pavement area – situated on the sites highest point to symbolise the Homestead’s original footprint.

The site’s entry features a seroies of upright poles created from recycled timbers that extend up to 6m in length, core-ten steel supports and a rock salt finished concrete pavement. The landmark sized retaining walls remain the most significant component of works. Faced with sandstone cladding, the stonework is dry jointed and wet fixed to concrete retaining walls – the largest of these being 4.5m tall and approximately 50m in length. Following completion of the construction works we were engaged to maintain the site for a 3 year period looking after all of the public domain landscape areas. As new sections of the subdivision are completed these are in turn, added to our maintenance scope.