Asia Pacific Mini League Fields

Hong Kong Disneyland, Lantau Island, Hong Kong


Walt Disney Imagineering


Landscape Consultants:

Design Landscapes International (HK) Co. Ltd


Construction Completion:  



Sited between the two Disneyland hotels the 2 baseball fields were constructed to enable Hong Kong Disneyland to host the Asia Pacific Mini League baseball finals in 2008 and onwards. The two fields were required to be constructed to exacting international standards to enable them to be utilised for the regional finals which was featured on ESPN. During construction the development was inspected by association marshals so as to ensure that the fields would be compliant with the relevant sports governing bodies specifications. The fields are built on a 100% reclaimed sand base and included a full subsoil drainage system, detailed grading, a fully automatic irrigation system, dugouts, fencing, grandstands and a 4000 m2 carpark area. The infield is required to be constructed in red clay but as this could not be sourced within a reasonable distance or timeframe we developed a material from finely crushed red clay bricks which met the required standards.